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A Worthwhile Career

  For all those who wish to have a career based on their abilities. For those who want to determine their income and future on their own terms, massage therapy may be the right career track. The Bio-Chi Institute of Massage Therapy has one of the best training programs in America. Located in the heart of the country the Bio-Chi Institute brings the student into a comfortable learning environment with highly trained staff that love what they do and want to teach others. If you want to have a career in the health field helping others then fill out an application and lets get started. BCI
 has been training the best hands in the business for over a decade and keeps it student per teacher ratio down to increase the experience of the student. We welcome your interest and we hope our program is a fit for your future. We encourage you to explore in depth the trainings that are available out there to find the program to fit you.

BCI offers 3 programs

Massage and Bodywork 1
Massage and Bodywork 2
Massage and Bodywork 3 (instructors program)


 BCI believes healing happens through sensation and awareness.  Teaching students to be present in their own bodies, allows them to learn  through a felt sense of their own present moment experience.  Increasing body awareness provides students with the skills to be fully present with their clients and to assist their  clients  in developing awareness as well.

 All education at BCI is based on the idea that we believe it is an honor to touch another human being. Massage/bodywork therapy  is more than a technique of skilled hands, it is an art that  respectfully touches the body, mind and spirit. The results of this type of  integrative healing have a profound effect on the person, family,  community and world.

Contact us:     Bio-Chi Institute 712-252-1157

 Class name
 Book Title
 Author  ISBN  Book Cost
Bio.Con. BIO110 Memmler Structure and Function text and study guide 9th edition Barb Janson Cohen & Kerry Hull 9780781765947 $60.00
Medical term
Tappan's handbook of healing massage 5th edition
Patricia Benjamin
 Medspa App
 Spa bodywork A guide for massage therapist
 Anne Williams
9780781755788  $49.95
 Reflexology MBT144
 Better health with foot reflexology
 Dwight Byers
 Spec.Med MBT155
 Tail guide to the body 4th edition
 Andrew Biel
 Pathology 1 HS112 a,b,c,
 A massage therapists guide to pathology
4th edition
 Ruth Warner
Business Mastery 4 edition
Cherie M. Sohnen-Moe
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